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Remember, remember, the 5th of November, the gunpowder, treason and plot. I can see no good reason, why gunpowder treason should ever be forgot…

Last night was Guy Fawkes night (bonfire night) and i was quite excited to head out to Waltham Forrest townhall with  my housemates to see what the festivities would be like.

Unfortunately, we all managed to forget just how many people are in London, and with the cutting down of the number of fireworks displays around London, everyone in the entire NE of London was in Waltham Forest. This meant that a bus trip that should have taken 5 minutes, took us about 20 and didn’t even get us to the town hall before we gave up and walked. We literally got to the town hall just in time to see the last firework go off and get crushed by the mass exodus…


we did see some of the pretties on our way and we could definitely hear and smell them. they let people a lot closer to the fireworks themselves than they do back home! We hung out for a bit and walked around the muddy trampled field (which made Rebecca at least feel like it was a proper bonfire night) and Cat had a hotdog (which made her feel like it was a proper bonfire night) and I had a second dinner of hog roast (why not??) and a toffee apple and then i bought candy floss (Fairy floss!!) to share. So we got muddy boots and a sugar high before heading home!

We did get a bit of a personal fireworks display walking back from the bus though – there were two different sets of fireworks going off near our house, which we could see as we walked home. It was like duelling fireworks – red and green in one spot, then red and green in another, little rockets in one spot, then little rockets in another. they went on WELL into the night.

I still have a toffee apple to eat (what, it’s totally one of my 5 a day!) and i can smell fireworks smoke in my hair. I’m sad we missed the proper display (what we did see was pretty epic) and even sadder there was no proper bonfire, but still, it was an adventure and it was fun to see this strange autumnal event!

I still need to get me some bonfire toffee though!

(yes, it’s all about the food…)


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