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The Athens of the North

I’ve never written a Bucket List, but if i had, then i would be currently crossing an experience off it with great pleasure.

I have returned from my first ever appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

While the show was met with mixed sentiment and was not as successful or well attended as i’d hoped, it was by no means a failure (not by Ed fringe standards!) and was an amazing experience.

I was performing my first ever solo show, a piece i’d based on a short story i wrote back in 2007. I did pitch it as a storytelling piece, as it’s not a ‘play’ as such, but still, there was a debate from reviewers as to whether it worked as a theatre piece. That being sad, most of the audiences i spoke to really loved it, were moved and touched by it.

One viewer was moved enough to write me a personal email

“…two productions that stood out superbly against all the rest; and yours was one of them. 

A beautifully crafted piece. Superbly written. Wonderfully performed, and marvelously staged. My only negative thought was, that at the end I was left feeling rather sad that it was over. 

… I would not hesitate to book for anything you may write in the future, and if again you are also performing it, then I would count myself twice blessed”

I have never met this person and was so genuinely moved by this response. The experience would have been worth the effort, time and money i’d put in, but this was the thing that absolutely justified it.

The venue was amazing – a little underground vault, built in the basement of a church and the stage was framed by an arch and we projected onto the bare white back wall. It was such a great space for it! The venue staff were super awesome (and probably made up half my audience to be honest, but they all loved it, so it’s all good) and really friendly and i’m really sad that by the time Sunday nights rolled around John and I were too exhausted to go out with them! We had every intention of joining the venue drinks night, but we were just buggered!

I really hated flyering... points for creative marketing?

BECAUSE! we saw so many shows!! Adam Hills, Ali McGregor, Lady Sings it Better, Scales of the Unexpected, Piff the Magic Dragon, Fascinating Aida, Sammy J and Randy, Nina Conti, Hannah Gadsby, DeAnne Smith, Dead Cat Bounce, Axis of Awesome, Gilbert and Sullivan in Brief, Des Bishop, Baby Wants Candy, Josie Long, Bec Hill, The Economist, Comic Strip, The Thinking Drinkers Guide to Alcohol, Carl-Einer Häckner, Terror on Presley Beach (an Adorbs show mostly by highschoolers) some improv shows (of dubious quality) and some new comic talent in my friend’s DeadBadger duo. Not as many shows as last time, but still, but the end of it i was absolutely showed-out. honestly. the last day John and I just sat on the couch until it was cocktail time!

Me Schmoozing with the lovely Ali McGregor

Speaking of Cocktails – who knew Edinburgh was a hive of brilliant bartending skills for a very reasonable price! On Saturday, John and I discovered a wonderful bar, sort of by accident, called Treacle on Broughton Street (as much for my reference as to tell you all to GO THERE). There they had a 4 page cocktail menu, with Finlandia as their house vodka (to speak to the quality) with all sorts of great rums, vodkas, gins and liquers. I started with the Sherbet Martini, MADE WITH ACTUAL SHERBET!

It’s garnished with a LOLLIPOP you guys!

The next on the list was the Rose and Lavender Crusta

omg, what it is? an UNINSTAGRAMMED PHOTO! of a really yummy cocktail!

Aaaand after that i was too busy drinking to take photos, though i did have a Silver Fern (42Below Kiwi, St Germain and mojito-y flavours and my favourite for the night), a Raspberry and Pear Mojito, A Beach Bum Grog and an Antoine 42. John had a Violet and Pear something, a mandarin smash, something that tasted like marmalade, a few other things here and there and a Zombie. Now the zombie has about 10 ingredients, 8 of which are alcoholic and is topped with a lime half, squeezed out, filled with rum and set alight… And we still managed to walk home!

Revolution was the other place we discovered, which much to our delight is a chain across the UK so we can continue our sampling of the many infused vodkas here in London!

Yesterday was our last day so we did do a few touristy things, including Hollyrood palace, but i didn’t take a lot of scenery photos this time round. Two reasons, firstly I was busy and while i did take note of the beautiful land and city scapes often, I wasn’t doing a lot of touristy things or stopping to get my camera out. Secondly, I have photos of a lot of Edinburgh from 2009!

still, here are some for your viewing pleasure

The Forecourt of Hollyrood Palace

John was trying very hard to ruin this photo… luckily he failed 🙂

The View across the Meadows, walking back to our apartment


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are to be expected of course

but lets start with the highs…

Last week i had an interview for Apple retail. I have a second interview next week. this is very exciting and i have to do homework for it! however, it does mean that i have slacked a bit in other ‘looking for work’ activities because dammit, i want this job!

Yesterday i had my first UK audition. I sadly did not get the role, but still, within 2 weeks, with no agent, i had an audition. at the MOTHER FUCKING GLOBE! it was for their education unit, doing beatrice for a minute long ‘choose-your-own-shakespeare’ thing. very exciting. would have LOVED it (also, PAID!) but still, points to me for even GETTING an audition in 2 weeks for paid work doing shakespeare at the Globe.

I have, theoretically found a place to live (in Tooting, which will forever  make me laugh) but i am struggling to get onto landlord properly to make payments and set move in date! In the week since i said i’d take it and he said yay, he’s decided he may sell the house (he’s a Kiwi living in Kent) but i said i’m happy to take it for 3-4 months if they do decide to sell. also, they are not sure yet. it is frustrating the CRAP out of me, because i want to start using an official address for all sorts of things, but won’t until it’s confirmed (which to me is having paid deposit!) also, if i am NOT moving in there, i want to know ASAP so i can look for somewhere else!

it is making me want to tear my hair out!

In 2 weeks i have also taken a trip to France. I went to Hargicourt with my friend John to visit his great-great grandfather at the British Cemetery there. He wasn’t very chatty.

We stayed over night in Lille, where I spoke French to everybody who would let me, including a hilarious waiter who thought John and I should get married and come back with babies. which is never going to happen for oh so many reasons i couldn’t be bothered explaining. I also don’t actually know the french word for gay, so… hmm…

We had delicious local food though and i had a local beer and we wandered and saw many wondrous things…

It's the POST OFFICE for christ's sake!

The Palais des Beaux Arts (or the musee... it's a fine art gallery ok?)

This is La Porte de Paris, a monument in a roundabout outside the town hall - which is the bellfry you can see in the background!

The Place du General de Gaulle in the centre of lille - it actually reminds me a lot of Prague for some reason.

so… that’s what i’ve been up to – and also spending a large amount of time in bed while i can, figure once i get a job i’ll probably be working like a dog. also i have been fighting a mild virus which i *think* i might just have gotten the better of. also, i had a very busy few weeks before i left!

check in soon!

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