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first off – happy new year everyone!

I went home for Christmas and New Year’s which was awesome – got to see all my loved ones and meet some new loved ones! Like the offspring of vintagenettles and her hubby

Meet the adorable Miss Nova! She and i have totally bonded.

And I got to snuggle my kitties!!! While I can talk to my parents, family, friends and sundry over Skype, the cats are not big fans. Binka gets annoyed cos she can hear me but i’m not patting her and Lilah just gets confused.

I think they were pretty happy to see me!

I won’t talk too much about Aus, since most of the readers of this blog were there… I’ll just say I got to see my family and my knitters and my friends and all the babbies and new pets and it was awesome!

Anyone with a basic understanding of geography and meteorology will appreciate that i flew from sunny (and starting to get very warm) Australia back to the heart of an English winter. While this should be terribly depressing, apart from getting used to the 2.3 hours of daylight again, it’s actually been pretty awesome…


much to the amazement of my UK/Canadian/European/American friends, I’ve only seen snow once prior to coming to the UK, on a lovely spring day with Katie when we drove to Mt Bulla. It was awesome.

So on Monday, on a day when i could blissfully sleep in, it was terribly exciting to watch it start snowing at around 11am! I opened up the curtains and watched from my bed with a cuppa as magical whisps of snow floated down in soft little flurries. The only downside? as the first day of snow it all melted pretty much on contact, so it had the basic effect of rain, but much prettier!

Then the next few mornings on the way to work there was a soft dusting on things… it looked as though someone had sprinkled icing sugar on all the plants and fences. But i had no time to take photos.

So today, my next day off, I was absolutely delighted to see it SNOWING. Proper, staying-on-things, making-things-white, probably-a-real-pain-if-i-had-to-go-anywhere snow! Actually,  I did have to go somewhere, the supermarket, so i rugged up – Hunters, Handknit jumper, shawl, hat and mittens, hoodie and raincoat – and detoured through finsbury park to try to capture what to an Adelaidean like me is the pure magic of snow.

The hedge outside our front door.

Rosemary on my street – there’s something wonderful about this colour combination!

Finsbury Park. The Brits do parks VERY well.

My Hunters getting a workout! So worth it!

LOOKIT! the lake is freezing over! There’s a duck WALKING ON WATER! heehee

I am loving how objects look in the snow – these benches, wrought iron fences, trees, EVERYTHING!

See? street signs + snow = pretty!

I was so happy to come out of Sainsbury’s carpark and see this vast expanse of clean white snow – and then of course i had to kick it up and walk through it. It’s a compulsion!

I TOTALLY MADE A SNOWLADY YOU GUYS! (she looks kinda shocked to be here… maybe she doesn’t like the cold? also, the rocks on the ground look like a face… maybe she’s come across a crime scene? … I need to read more calvin and hobbes)

So that’s been my day today! It’s been FREAKING AWESOME! I stopped at the cafe near the supermarket and had a peppermint hot chocolate and lemon and poppyseed muffin, since it seemed appropriate, came home and have had a nice long hot bath.

I am fully aware that this snow will, first of all, turn to slippery ice, determined to see me fall arse over tit, and then to grey, gross, slush, but right now?

I can’t stop giggling and grinning like a kid!


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