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A quick update

Life marches on! I can’t believe it’s already 2/3rds of the way through september!

I’ve spent a bit of time recovering from Edinburgh, but i’ve also been doing things like acting courses, working as a simulated patient, going to auditions (ok, only one audition, but still) and preparing for a major work event (which i ended up missing out on really due to all the other things)!

The Thames from Limehouse/Canary Wharf: One of the last sunny days in London?

I am socialising like crazy, which is awesome, but i’ve had a few down days since i got back from edinburgh. Whether that’s due to post-fringe blues, or the fact that i’m sharing my original songs online for the first time (and it’s scary) or because i’m now over a quarter of the way through my visa and i don’t want this ride to end (17 months is going to fly!), it’s been a nagging anxiety, which i’m mostly on top of thanks to awesome friends, housemate, cuddles and tea!

I have also been able to see Ursula in recent days and will see her again on tuesday, which is wonderful! we are planning a yarny adventure at Loop and this time i will take photos!

I haven’t done too many exciting ‘touristy’ things since i got back, though i did go to the Tate Modern, finally, just in time to catch the Damien Hirst exhibit. It was remarkable (if more than a little disturbing). My favourite thing was the butterflies. both the live ones and the paintings using butterfly wings. They were very evocative. Glad to say i’ve been to the Tate Modern now, though i don’t like the building itself. It’s quite imposing and i feel very uncomfortable in it. Still might go and see the Munch exhibit before it ends next month though!

St Pauls from Millenium bridge – one of my absolute favourite sights in London.


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