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Step One: complete

I have a ticket!
I leave from Adelaide via Melbourne then Abu Dhabi on Feb 28th. Anyone in melbs want to come and have dinner with me at the airport at 7.30? lol



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Today is the first day of a new year – the year i have my biggest adventure yet.

I am super excited and completely terrified!

I have just under two months before i leave these sunny shores and a little less time before i depart Melbourne. So much to do!

Here is a sample of my to do list now it is January

– book a flight (i know, sounds obvious, but i’ve been waiting on a date for my first return trip *eyeballs N+G* )

– finalise showreel and cv and post to agents in the UK

– contact potential employers, namely yarn stores and theatres for FOH/ticket sales work

– find a place to live. I’d really like to share a place so I can meet more people more quickly

– pack up my house

Those are the biggies. Other things on that list include making the most of my friends and family , going to work to make the moniesĀ and enjoying the summer weather. I feel like this is all achievable but slightly overwhelming and i know that january and february will be over before i know it.

My visa is for 2 years and i know what i want to achieve over there in that time. Sometimes it seems so short a time and others it seems forever. I realise i have not even been living in this place for 2 years and yet it’s home. It’s been just over 2 years since i got back from my big trip 09 and sometimes that seems forever ago and sometimes it seems like yesterday.

Time is a funny thing and New Year’s always brings that fact hurtling home.

I hope your New Year is a pleasant one and filled with exciting possibilities.


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