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As you all know, I am a terrible, terrible blogger. In the sense that I think about blogging, but rarely do.

However, we interrupt your usual procrastination schedule to bring you a very important announcement.

I am going to the Edinburgh Festival again this year. It may be the last time i do this with it only costing a few thousand pounds instead of a few tens of thousands of australian dollars, so I’m making the most of it!

Keith Gow and I had a wonderful catch up over christmas, discussing what a two hander written by him, for me, might look like. Keith and I first met when I did a crazy amazing thing, namely, I went to the preview screening of Serenity, sans ticket, in the hope of purchasing a ticket off somebody else with a no-show in their party. After all, people get sick, they get stuck at work, they have car accidents, they have early labour – there’s a whole host of reasons why someone might not be able to make up and thanks to modern technology we can let our friends know in a few simple clicks of a smart phone. So I went anyway, sign in hand and fingers crossed. I ended up being given a ticket by the marketing director of Universal pictures, so clearly, being a little bit insane can actually pay off, but I also met a whole host of really awesome people, including Keith. Skip ahead to a time when we have mutual admiration for each other’s talents, a strong online friendship (what with me being in England) and a desire to create our own work and you get this conversation that started this whole paragraph.

We discussed what a play by us might be about, and given the above story, geeky fandom seemed to be a natural starting point. We both also have an interest in exploring gender politics in our work, and Keith is fascinated by my outrageous personality, especially in comparison to the more introverted geeks around, and thus, WHO ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE? was born!

We will be performing in C Aquila, just off the royal mile, from August 14 – 26 at 3.30 in the afternoon. I hope you all can make it (but am realistic about the fact that most of you live very very far away)

I am, however, going to ask for your help (with the promise, that if all goes according to something resembling a plan, we will stage this show in Melbourne and Adelaide in 2014/15). We want this show to be awesome, because we honestly feel like it’s the kind of show that can make a mark at the Fringe. I have a wonderful director, in Emrys Matthews and we’ve got Doctor Who Superstar, Cameron K McEwan of Blogtor Who fame as my fellow actor. But it’s a pricey feat, what with venue costs, effective marketing and an accurate Fifth Doctor costume tailored to my non-canonical figure! So we’ve jumped on the internet bandwagon and we have an indiegogo campaign. Every penny (literally!) helps and if you yourself are unable to contribute, then I hope you will spread the word for us!

Thanks in Advance and see you in Edinburgh!


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