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This week is Depression Awareness Week in the UK, driven by the Depression Alliance

As many of you know, I struggle with depression and anxiety from time to time.

So, in honour of the occasion and to help raise awareness, I have released my song, Better than Blue, on Bandcamp.

Better Then Blue was written in 2011 when i was in one of the worst states i’ve ever been in for what seemed like endless months. But I knew there would be an other side to it all, and i refused to give into the sickness, the doubt, the tears, the thoughts, the chaos and the lethargy. Instead, I wrote a song, I sought help and I changed my life a bit (read a lot) to reinvigorate my little ol’ soul.

I’m listing this song as a free download for the rest of the month, and hope you will pass it along to anyone who might take comfort from it, or who might glean some understanding of what mental illness can be like.

I also want to be clear that this is merely my experience. Mental illness has so many different forms and startlingly different effects on people. but this is my fight and my feelings and i’m sharing them with the world to raise awareness and help erase the stigma of mental illness.

thank you and enjoy.


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