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Feeling Good

Somehow, within 2 months of arriving, I managed to bag myself a bit of a dream job.

While i have worked in retail for most of my adult life in one way or another, I’ve never really valued it as a profession, nor my skills as a retail service provider. It has always been a means to an end.

Then in 2008 I began working in one of the loveliest and most fun jobs of my life – working in a yarn store. I got to feed my passion for craft, be around beautiful textures and colours and meet a whole lot of fascinating people- and more importantly, take the time to connect with those people.

Last year, I was hired very quickly by a leading designer clothing brand. I realised for the first time that my retail skills, whilst seeming obvious to me, were highly valued by other people. It was a nice feeling. And while i still don’t rank ‘being good at retail’ particularly highly for myself, it was nice to know that others WOULD value it highly.

So now I get to work for a company which is almost universally considered the best retailer in the world. I get to work in the busiest store for that company in the world on one of the most beautiful, coolest, busiest streets in London.



First off, the atmosphere is amazing. I get to work in one of the most beautiful buildings on Regent Street with all of Soho and Piccadilly and Oxford Street just nearby for playtime

Secondly, the company i work for values creatives. It recognises that creative people a) are the people who generally use their products, b) have the communication skills and personality types valued by the company and c) are the kind of people that created the company in the first place. So I get to work with over 600 really awesome people – musicians, designers, directors, actors, photographers… It’s pretty wicked.

Thirdly, I get to have a chat with really cool people from all over the world every time i’m in at work.

Fourthly, I feel valued and special and prized and exceptional all at once. And while this feeling may wear off, at the moment I am loving it.

All in all, I have not felt this at home, this socially secure, this alive and excited on a daily basis since Uni.

So thank you universe, for a pretty fucking awesome Plan B.




PS: I got a call from an agency on monday, so the plan A may be going alright too!


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I can’t believe i’ve completely forgotten to blog about this! Worst blogger ever (though i have been busy :P)

A few weeks ago i took a (groupon bought!) trip to Bath by way of Stonehenge. It was amazing! It was a coach tour and the tour guide provided some really interesting info without being overly verbose. We had plenty of time to contemplate and observe, but at the same time he pointed out cool things, like when you could see Wales in the distance and the White horse of Somerset on the side of a hill!

I am starting with Stonehenge, since it’s where we stopped first. I honestly never thought i’d be so fascinated by a pile of rocks. But I really felt there was something absolutely extraordinary about them, especially when you realise that firstly it was built 3 times and that one of the circle of stones comes from freaking Wales, so took some SERIOUS effort to get them to that exact spot. In fact, they tried to do it without modern technology a few years ago… and they couldn’t (i don’t know who ‘they’ are though… archeologists probably)

I’m going to post a whole bunch of photos now… if you don’t like rocks, skip ahead 😛

At various times and from various angles the light was just amazing on the stones!

The Altar stone in the centre of the circle

The little stones in the centre were the original henge, made with stone from Pembrokeshire in Wales. They must have REALLY wanted to put them there. They were a horseshoe shape and were eventually surrounded by the more familiar stones.

This stone is the Heelstone and casts a shadow on the alter stone at dawn on the Summer solstice

The view from the Heelstone

Nearby Burial Barrows. There were a lot of significant sites here, including the remains of a woodhenge – they didn’t just build them of stone!

And just for Mel – a whole bunch of sheep. they were pretty much in all the surrounding paddocks 🙂

After an hour at the henge, we popped back on the bus and headed to Bath, arriving at around 12.30 (we left really early from London). I wish i’d been able to get a snap of Bath as we came in… it was just stunning, laid out in wonderful arcs of light coloured buildings… *sigh*

We stopped right near the Abbey and the Baths, and were meeting back there in just 3 hours…

Bath Abbey was founded in the 7th Century and rebuilt in the 12th and 16th Centuries

Buildings like this sometimes make me wish i were religious.

I took a couple of snaps of the abbey and popped into the info centre for a map before going straight on to the Baths themselves. So, incase you didn’t know, the Romans quite liked the hot springs here and named the settlement Aquae Sulis  and built some really awesome bath houses. Over time the various Brits took over the town and while the baths continued to be used the buildings changed, namely being rebuilt at around the same time as the Abbey – 12th and 16th Centuries. The Modern Baths have tried to recapture the essence of the original structures. Sometimes it seems a bit cheesy, but the history is interesting

The Baths at Bath

And from Ground level

The Goddess Minerva – only a few 1000 years old

Original stonework – possibly a gorgon?

The Pump in the Pump Room. The water is warm and pretty gross tasting.

When I had finally gotten my fill of the baths, I headed up the hill towards the circus. I wanted to see this round building and head towards the Assembly rooms to see the fashion museum

the buildings are just beautiful with their Georgian architecture

The Assembly Rooms. I so wish i’d had more time to explore- the internal architecture is great and the Fashion Museum is so much fun!

Inside the Assembly rooms – the octagon room

Playing around with crinolines and corsets in the Fashion Museum

Queen’s Park

I stopped just near here at the Regency Tea Rooms (Jane Austen House) for a quick little lunch of finger sandwiches and scones and jam. so desperately needed.

All in all it was a great little whirlwind trip. I definitely want to spend some more time in Bath!



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