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I had my first major freak out today, which given that it’s a week til i leave is pretty good going for someone with an anxiety disorder!

Today I told my agent that i’m leaving and instead of just saying, ok, i’ll take you off the books, take care, good luck, she told me that had i told her earlier she would have helped me out, but now it was too late.

A few people asked why i didn’t tell her earlier… well, I was scared. there are lots of little excuses for why, but the crux of it is i didn’t want her to not work for me the way she did over the last few months, to not put the effort in since she knew i was going. A few other people have pointed out that SHE works for ME, not the other way round, but it’s pretty easy to be slack when you’re not getting paid. the fact of the matter is she hasn’t made a cent from me in 18 months. and while she got me a LOT more auditions than my last agent, I never expected her to go above and beyond for a low return prospect. hence not saying anything.

so when she played the ‘too late now!’ card i was a bit panicked for a few reasons. Firstly i HATE upsetting people and the passive aggressive bullshit that goes with it. I hate the feeling of i should have done this or that instead. And also in our brief conversation she said it would be too hard to contact agents right now because it’s (US) Pilot season and the castings are global and everyone’s too busy. which of course means i’m sitting here freaking out that agents will be too busy to see me when i get there.

Now that being said, Drama School graduates in australia are usually agent hunting in Jan- March as they work out where they want to live and who they want to get. (if they didn’t get picked up in Nov). And two of my three agents i got at around this time. So i know that busy does not equal not interested.

Still it’s frustrating to think that there might have been help available that i can’t get now.

But! in the list of things done and things to look forward to…

I have a place to live! yes, living in Stoke Newington for 4 weeks which gives me a little buffer to find further accomodation!

I have signed up for a casting director course with actors platform, so the day i arrive i shall be meeting the casting director of Law and Order UK (amongst other things) exciting!

I have a bank account and a meeting with the bank to get my cards the day after i arrive.

I have applied to 2 places (so far! ) for work (yes, both yarn stores) and signed up for job alerts with Harrods and Liberty

In things completed and done here in aus…

The apartment is sold. I am now homeless! (sort of) and all my stuff is in storage (except for what’s in SA so mum and dad can post it in a pinch)

My songs are recorded and being edited by the incredibly talented Adam Rudegeair so very soon i shall have my first original album (of sorts)

My in development production of a new original solo show based on a short story i wrote went REALLY WELL and i shall be registering it for the Edinburgh Fringe this week! My director and i had a drink and said, do we think we can do this in 4 weeks? and crazily said, yes we can! so we did! We did 2 shows only at the Owl and the Pussycat and i’m really happy with the feedback. So Edinburgh here i come (I promised myself i wouldn’t go back til i had a show!)

And my 31st birthday was SUPERFUN AND AMAZING! I had 5 separate celebrations (i have friends! who knew!) Drinks at Naked for Satan (mmm vodka), A PERFECT high tea at Miss Molly’s in South Melbourne with my melbourne besties (with three bonus babies!), Delicious Dinner at Hellenic Republic with Katie, Dea and Mum (so nommy), A Haphazard Games night with my adelaide besties and a family BBQ with, well, my family. I have definitely celebrated the occassion! Nothing makes you feel so loved as going away!

@ Miss Molly's

So really, it’s not surprising i finally shed some tears today!


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